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Funeral Planning for Individuals & Families

Funeral Planning for Individuals & Families

Before you decide what your final life tribute will be, let’s talk.

I’ve told my family what I want when I die. Isn’t that enough?
Verbal directions can often cause your family to second-guess your wishes. Sometimes these directions are much too vague and lack the details necessary to arrange the service you intended. Children and relatives might disagree over the interpretation of verbal directions. Prearrangement eliminates misinterpretation and disagreement and gives peace of mind to your family.

I don’t know what kind of services I want?

Today’s funerals are so diverse that one rarely resembles another. There are countless service and merchandise options available to personalize a service to the unique individual it’s designed to represent. We believe it is your right to select any level of services and the type of merchandise you desire.

My children don’t want to talk about my death?

Have you thought about how your kids will feel making your funeral arrangements? Your well-meaning children will probably tell you “not to worry about it” or “we can take care of everything,” when deep down they are saying, “Please take care of this ahead of time.” If your death is hard for your kids to talk about today, experience tells us it will be even worse for them on the actual day of your death.

I don’t have all the money to pay for my funeral in advance?

DON’T WORRY! We offer several affordable payment options designed to meet your needs. We can fully explain all the choices available and help you select the personal options that are right for you.

I’m uncomfortable thinking about my own mortality?

If it’s hard for you, imagine how much harder it is for your family. Emotional overspending, lack of direction and a sense of desperation are all things we regularly see families go through at our funeral home. While the grief is still there, much comfort is felt knowing all the details have been arranged and costs covered. Although one’s death is tough to ponder, so is the thought of leaving your family without the security, protection and peace of mind of a funded funeral prearrangement plan.

I had intended to use my life insurance to pay my final expenses?

According to The Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education, “Life insurance isn’t for the people who die. It’s for the people who are still alive.” Life insurance is intended for you to have a readily available sum of cash on hand, following your death, to pay continuing living expenses for your family, not to pay for your funeral. Why rob your family of needed financial resources  by using life insurance proceeds to pay your final expenses, when there is a better way? Do you really know all of the expenses your survivors will face after death? You might be surprised to learn you are not as prepared as you think. Taxes, probate costs, advisor and consultant fees are just a small portion of the expenses your survivors may incur.

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